Visitors From All Over

The current display in the kiosk emphasizes how the Decorah Eagles have attracted visitors to the hatchery. Thanks to all of you who submitted your photos. All of us who call Oneota home look forward to your return! And as noted in the title frame of the display, thanks again to all whose donations made the kiosk possible.

kioskselfyfullThe space on the right side of the display will show nest updates. Egg news goes up in the next day or two.

Most of the display photos were in the preview on this blog (and on Facebook), but there are a few new ones and a few others were changed slightly.

(I don’t know what my cellphone camera did to Grandma Pat. Be assured she does not have a Groucho mustache in the display.)


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Decorah Eagles “Go to School”

The new display at the Decorah Fish Hatchery eagle information kiosk contains art submissions from some Iowa schools. Bob Anderson (the former director of RRP who died last summer) often emphasized that outreach to schools was one of the primary objectives of the Decorah Eagles webcam. That objective has been a great success. A display of thank-you notes and artwork from dozens of schools was kept in DE Webcam Central (i.e. the garage). At RRP’s second annual After the Fledge gathering, Bob was presented with a collection of the books produced by Team Carnes, one of the school groups featured in the current display. The Decorah Fish Hatchery is pleased to acknowledge the efforts of RRP and schools across the country in fostering the next generation of naturalists.

And it should be noted that the Decorah Fish Hatchery is happy to work with schools studying fisheries and riparian management. Contact our biologist Brian Malaise if you are interested.

Click on any individual picture below for a full-screen view.

01KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015layout 02KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015intro 03KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015WaukonIntro 04KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015WaukonVivian 05KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015WaukonHeidi 06KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015WaukonEmma 07KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015WaukonKenzie 08KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015WaukonAlly 09KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015WaukonJenna 10KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015FredIntro 11KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015FredJayden 12KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015FredEmma 13KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015FredJaden 14KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015TCintro 15KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015TCErin2 16KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015TCBrayden7 17KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015TCAdelaide4 18KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015TCEli10 19KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015TCAltonXX 20KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015TCCorey16 21KioskEaglesSchool27Oct2015Tselfies

Bob Anderson Memorial Display

This is the current display in the kiosk. Your comments and corrections are welcome! Please write to You can be my proofreaders!

Upcoming display: Selfies at the Hatchery, by people from all over. Send us yours!

I should restate our gratitude for all the Decorah Difference Makers who gave so generously to construct the kiosk in memory of D12 and D14. Thanks also to the Decorah Fish Hatchery and Iowa DNR for including the eagle education kiosk as part of their hatchery education plan, and to RRP for their continuing assistance on kiosk displays.

00BobMemorialLayout 01RememberingBobTitle 02BobAndCocoPencil 03BobSentiments 04BowingParent 05PeregrineRecoveryCaption 06PeregrineBanding 07BobOnRope 08RaptorCamCaption 09BobInN1 10BobAtControls 11TrackingEaglesCaption 12BobsGonnaDance 13BobTracking 14EducationCaption 15teamcarneswingspread 16teamcarnesjournals 17Mission